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Psychology principals agree that we all have a Conscious Mind and an Unconscious Mind. To make change happen it needs a two-pronged approach to both parts of the mind. Making a change in our attitudes, beliefs and values is not easy for most people to do, because they approach the change consciously.

The Unconscious Mind is the part of you that runs your body and is the source of the intelligence of your body. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy allow you to tap into the power of the Unconscious Mind to change your life for the better by making it more amenable to suggestion from the Hypnotist or even by you.

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What Negative Emotions Do to Us:

The latest in quantum biology indicates that negative emotions trapped in the body block the flow of energy – this is something many Eastern medicines have long known. New thinking indicates that trapped negative emotions have the real possibility of creating blocks in neurology, the nervous system and even cause the brain to send wrong signals to organs in the body. By letting go of emotions trapped in the body, we can release sources of discomfort and potential sources of physical problems, such as a heart attack.

Secondly, negative emotions block the flow of success and keep us from achieving our goals – we will do anything to avoid having to experience the feeling of a negative emotion!

Limiting Beliefs and Decisions:

All our limiting decisions can keep us from experiencing the full range of choices that we really have. Maybe in the past you decided that that it wasn’t OK for you to be, have or experience something brilliant? Or maybe you decided that it wasn’t OK to express yourself in the way you wanted, be successful, or have good relationships?

Letting go of limiting beliefs and decisions is an important process in enabling you to have the best success at achieving your goal.

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We love working with like-minded people who are focussed on getting results. Our goal is to help you achieve YOUR goal!

Our coaching is not a substitute for other types of treatment, including medical treatment.

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A 1.5hr initial consultation is required for all individual coaching, this is so we can complete a detailed history and determine the best coaching strategy to help you best achieve your goals. 

A personal “breakthrough” for a single goal typically requires 6-8 hrs, however this can vary between individuals and the type of the goal you are looking to achieve. If you are interested in regular coaching or mentoring, we offer coaching packages for 3, 6 or 12 months

Business consulting and corporate coaching engagements will be quoted on request.

  • American Board of NLP
  • American Board of NLP – Coaching Division
  • Time Line Therapy Association
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • International Institute of Complementary Therapists, IICT